About Me

My path in life has been difficult and I’ve struggled like many people having issues with depression, anxiety and constant negative thinking.

I understand exactly how these states of mind can overwhelm you. Removing you from your passion and vision in life, leaving you feeling alone and drowning.

I have experienced PTSD and the horrors of postpartum depression and the extreme guilt and shame this can shroud one in.

Looking back on the struggles I have faced perhaps they were to enable me to fully understand the pain that others endure and to offer whatever I can from a space of true understanding and empathy.

Although, I have explored a range of healing modalities, I have found that RTT therapy has been the most beneficial for my wellbeing.

I was blown away how only one session was enough to allow me to get in control of my anxiety and depression.

I realised instantly why I had these issues, what events had triggered them and most importantly the story I had attached to the events of my childhood.

Through RTT I was able to change the interpretation I had attached to those events, to understand why I did that and getting to the root cause of my issues gave me freedom and my power back again.

In order to heal I had to feel it and understand it and that’s exactly what RTT did for me.

Now I am able to navigate out of the darkest of space and back into reality and the savour the joys and wonders of life.

The experience of RTT therapy was so profound for me that I became a qualified RTT practitioner and my deepest desire is to help other men and women using this healing hypnotherapy medium.

I truly believe that when we support each other, there are no limits to the magic that we can create and that this expands out to create a brighter future and more compassionate world for us all to exist in together.