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I can help you overcome challenging obstacles that we all get ourselves into some times. 
Through my proven techniques I will help you step back into life again. 

Hypnotherapy in Melbourne

You were born with the believe you have unlimited confidence, potential and self-esteem.
Yet, somehow life has ebbed away at you and you find yourself in the situation you are today. Whether that be anxiety, fear, panic attacks, or constant negative thinking.

If you have something in your life you don’t want, it’s because you have the wrong beliefs. However, you weren’t born with these beliefs you acquired them and I’m here to tell you beliefs can easily be changed.

My sessions get to the root cause of the issue of the negative beliefs and we then change the meaning or the interpretation you have to these events. Once you understand why you have these beliefs, you are free, you are empowered and transformed.

– Are you looking to overcome a life challenge either personal or business?
Unshakeable confidence and self esteem
– Control of your thoughts and collaborate with your mind
– Get your mind working for you not the other way around
– Achieve anything you desire
– Be the best version of you
– Live out all your dreams
– Be relaxed and have inner peace.

You can have all this and more after only one session including freedom to leave your negative dysfunctional internal narrative.

During the RTT session we will uncover and remove those negative out-dated beliefs and you will have freedom. 

My name is Nicole Gordon I’m a qualified RTT practitioner. I’ve dedicated my life to help men and women overcome anxiety and conquer negative thinking.

So, if you are ready to step into life and be the best version of you,  please connect with me today.

I can’t wait to hear from you xx


Online Meeting

 I can meet you conveniently on Zoom for an online session. 
I also provide sessions outside normal business hours and can accomodate clients in different time zones.

Due to my hours of operation being flexible and I am happy to make an appointment with you on weekends also.


Our Testimonials

"Nicole is amazing! I consulted with Nicole about my inner critic and lack of confidence. She gave me an amazing session. She was very warm while at the same time professional, and she immediately put me at ease. She gently and skillfully was able to peel back the layers to the root cause of my issues and what was causing me to doubt myself at times in all areas of my life. She helped me to understand how I was still reacting to this root cause as an adult and how to change my thinking in the most empowering and positive way. Her insights helped me to understand the role my inner critic was playing and how to create new beliefs, indeed how to shine! I’ve been listening to Nicole’s recording every day and the impact it’s had on me has been incredible. I feel more confident, strong, and energized. If the doubting creeps in I understand it, and am able to shift my thinking. I even hear her voice in my head at times when the negative self-talk begins. I recommend her very highly! Do yourself this favor and have a session with her. I promise you will feel lighter, more confident, and happier in your life!"


Kind Regards

"Thank you dear Nicole for an amazing , wonderful RTT session. This was my first experience receiving a RTT session and I was nervous and filled with thoughts and doubts about whether it would work . My main issue was lack of confidence, procrastination and not taking the next steps even after knowing what should be done . I loved the way you reassured and relaxed me prior to the session and gently took charge and held my hand as I went on a walk through the scenes / events in childhood which made an imprint on my mind and caused these problems (depression, self doubt, procrastination etc) in adulthood. Most amazing and effective part was the Transformation which installed Confidence, self assurance and feeling of being enough in me. I hope this change I am feeling within gets stronger everyday as I begin to listen to the recording and I am inturn able to help others get over their problems through this amazing tool Marisa has give us ! Heartfelt Gratitude Nicole ❤️ "


Much Love and Thanks
Bubbles 💕

"I had the most amazing RTT session with Nicole. She took her time to explain to me exactly what was going to happen throughout the session. I knew exactly what to expect because she guided me so well. Nicole has such a calm and soothing voice and that helped me to relax and really go deep in the session. As I shared my childhood experiences I felt that Nicole really understood what I was saying and I felt that she really got it. I felt so seen and understood. With Nicole’s help I was able to make sense and make connections of how old beliefs were impacting my negative behavior of overeating as an adult. Nicole helped me to understand those old beliefs and make the shift from the old outdated to new powerful beliefs. I feel free from those old beliefs and patterns and I owe that to Nicole’s amazing session. I love the recording that she made personally for me and I am excited to have freedom from overeating. Nicole is warm and caring and I easily felt connected to her. "


Kind Regards
Kim Gross

"I am beyond amazed with the results and skills of nikkys hypnotherapy. Not only was I able to tackle the core issues to my problems but also understand them from an outside perspective. I am so grateful for the experience and transformation it has had on my life. The impact is unparalleled and the first time I feel at home with oneself"


Kind Regards

"I had an RTT session with Nicole recently. She was so warm, reassuring and professional. I loved the way she framed ever step of the way and how it was so individualized especially for me. I was deeply relaxed, which allowed me to go deep to tap into my memories to make connections that had to do with my reason for seeking Nicole’s expertise. The recording she made for me to listen to is so helpful to further the fantastic results of the session. I have been listening to it upon waking, and as I go to sleep. When I listen in the morning, it gives me such an uplifting boost because it’s so positive and full of very powerful messages- I feel ready to start my day on an upbeat note. When I listen at night, I fall asleep with a smile on my face because it’s also relaxing and ends my day on a positive note. I highly recommend Nicole for an RTT session that is life changing."


Kind Regards
Amy (United States)

"I was delighted at how easily we can change our Beliefs which in turn changes our thinking and action. I would like to thank you for helping me to unleash my potentials. Nicole thank you for providing me with a highly effective session of self-improvement! You are a very understanding and compassionate therapist. You help me to calm my emotions. I am now boldly walking in faith, trusting myself and gain lots of clarity and confidence. Nicole you are a Natural Therapist with an abundance of skills. You have successfully helped me understand and cure my inner blocks. Your session was immensely powerful and effective."


Kind Regards
Dipti Gandhi

"My experience with Nicole was truly enlightening and very healing within the process of Rapid Transformational Therapy. What an incredible RTT therapist Nicole is! Nicole masterfully led me down the memory lane of healing and self discovery. It’s amazing how we unknowingly live with certain memories embedded deeply within us that seem to affect so much of our life. Not only did Nicole use one way of exploring my subconscious, but she used several very potent strategies. I’m blown away! I felt safe and nurtured during my session with Nicole. She knew exactly what to say or do during my exploratory process. I feel blessed that we found each other even though we live on different sides of the globe. Thanks to modern technology we were able to connect and achieve this powerful healing even while we are physically so far apart! It has been a true blessing to be able to release the old baggage that I didn't even know I was carrying around with me. I feel lighter daily as I listen to my recording carefully designed specifically for me by Nicole. Thank you again for your expertise and nurturing energy, dear Nicole. Thank you for holding space for me and guiding me through my healing process. "


Blessings from
Bojana (USA)